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Associate Members (Notaries)

We warmly invite Legally Trained Notaries to join C.L.A.N. as Associate Members, especially in jurisdictions where there are no formal Notariats. “Legally Trained Notaries” will have a degree or diploma in law and a qualification to practise law within their own jurisdiction.

Note: All Notaries who are members of a Notariat which is a member of C.L.A.N. are automatically Associate members of C.L.A.N. and entitled to use the C.L.A.N. logo.

Procedure to join as an Associate Member

  1. Potential Individual Associate Members, whether invited or not, should apply.
  2. Acceptance of an Individual Notary as an Associate C.L.A.N. Member is at the absolute discretion of the Board of Directors of C.L.A.N.
  3. Once the Board of Directors of C.L.A.N. have considered applications, their decision shall be communicated to the relevant Individual Notary.
  4. Once an Individual Notary has joined, the Individual Notary will enjoy all membership privileges including the right to use the C.L.A.N. logo.
  5. The Individual Notary will be provided with an Associate Membership Certificate.


C.L.A.N.’s bank account is with the AIB Bank in Dublin, Ireland.

The Bank Account is a Euro (€) Account.

Current annual membership Fees for Associate members is €75. For applicants in less prosperous countries the Board will give consideration to extending the membership fee to cover up to 3 years.

The C.L.A.N. Membership Year and the C.L.A.N. Financial Year both run from 1 April to 31 March.

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