The Common Law Association of Notaries (C.L.A.N.)

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“Together we can make a difference”

C.L.A.N. was first known as the World Organisation of Notaries or WON, which was founded in 2010. As WON, we held our inaugural meeting in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, with representatives from the national Notariats of England and Wales, British Columbia, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Our Objectives

C.L.A.N. exists to serve the interests and needs of Notaries throughout the Common Law world.

We do this in the following ways;

By fostering understanding,
co-operation and high standards amongst Common Law Notaries globally;

By assisting Notariats to provide education to applicant Notaries, and to set up qualification examination for new Notaries;

By promoting CPD/CPE, including Webinars;

By organising C.L.A.N. conferences;

By maximising prospective work for Common Law Notaries, and the referral of Notarial and other legal work between Notaries in different countries;

By assisting Common Law Notaries to fulfill their roles and increase their standing and reputation.

Our News and Initiatives

We have recently adopted a Business Plan which includes some additional detail on how we are planning to execute these Objectives.

Our Membership

Membership is open to Notarial membership organisations (Notariats) and to individual Notaries on an Associate membership basis where there is no national Notarial representative body or where a national Notarial representative body is not a member of C.L.A.N.

Click here to see more about Membership and how to join C.L.A.N.

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