Andrew Johnson


Andrew Johnson is the sole director of Andrew M Johnson Ltd. (Notary Public) based in the city of Canterbury, Kent, England.

Having been born in, and spent his formative years in Argentina, Andrew is a native Spanish speaker. As a lawyer-linguist he operates a specialised notarial practice assisting UK clients with documents for use anywhere in the world, with a special interest in the preparation and attestation of instruments for use in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, a qualified Civil Mediator, past president of The Notaries Society of England and Wales (TNS), Council member of TNS, Director of the Society of British and Argentine Lawyers (SOBAL), Director of the Common Law Association of Notaries (C.L.A.N.), and honorary treasurer of the Kent Law Society.

He has a keen interest in the development of cross-border common notarial standards, having participated in the European Land Registries Association’s (ELRA) cross-border electronic conveyancing initiative, and speaking at the ELRA conferences held in Lisbon, Barcelona and London (2013-14). His interest in the role of Notaries in the civil mediation process has led him to speak on this subject at notarial conferences in Madrid and Cadiz, Spain.

In addition, Andrew has been a contributor of articles to a number of legal and notarial publications, since 1992, and a speaker at conferences held by The Notaries Society of England and Wales, The World Organisation of Notaries, The Faculty of Notaries of Ireland, and The Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries.

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