Jackie Tait


Jackie has been married to her husband, Kevin, for 21 years and has two stepdaughters and three grandchildren.  She has lived in Chilliwack since 1974, when her parents moved the family from Saskatchewan, where they had been farming and ranching for 20 years.  Always a keen student, Jackie enrolled at University of British Columbia immediately upon completion of high school and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.  She aspired to become a lawyer, but circumstances led her to a different path.  Still interested in the legal field, Jackie took a college training course for legal assistants and in 1992 obtained a job working as a conveyancer for a large Notary firm in Chilliwack.  After 10 years as a full-time conveyancer, she was promoted to office manager.  For the following ten years she managed 15 employees and did the recruiting, hiring and training of all new staff while keeping her hands on by covering the conveyancers for holidays and handling the more complex files.

It had been a dream of hers for some time to start her own business, so in 2010 Jackie applied for and was accepted into the Notary Education Program/MAALS at Simon Fraser University. She completed the Master of Applied Legal Studies in December 2012 and was installed in 2013 as a BC Notary Public, receiving 5 of the 6 awards for high marks on the statutory examinations.

Jackie has experienced the consistent growth of her business over the past 10 years and manages a high volume of conveyancing and estate planning files on a monthly basis.  She has 8 employees, including one staff Notary who was hired four years ago as a recent graduate of the MAALS program and newly installed BC Notary. 

Jackie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with those entering the Notary profession.  In the past, she has assisted the BC Notary Society as a guest lecturer in delivering the Conveyance Course for Notary Students and has assisted several Notary students in meeting their mentoring requirement by hosting them in her practice. 

She is currently serving as the Secretary-Treasurer of the BC Notaries Association and enjoys working with the other Board members to advocate for their profession.

In her free time Jackie loves to travel, read, cook, shop, and entertain friends and family in her home.

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