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Full Members (Notariats).

We are continually looking to expand our membership to Common Law jurisdictions which have  formal Notariats  and  to admit as many Notariats as possible in order to provide the best service possible to the Public and to Notarial members.

How, By Whom and When

Relevant Notariats may be invited to join C.L.A.N.

Procedure to join as a Notariat

  1. Prospective Notariat Members, whether invited or not, should apply here.
  2. Acceptance of a Notariat to C.L.A.N. Membership is at the absolute discretion of the Board of Directors of C.L.A.N.
  3. Once the Board of Directors of C.L.A.N. have considered applications, their decision shall be communicated to the relevant Notariat as soon as possible and if the Notariat is considered acceptable, together with a letter or email of invitation to join.
  4. Once a Notariat has joined, the Notariat will enjoy all membership privileges including the right for it and its members to use the C.L.A.N. logo.
  5. The new Notariat will be provided with a Membership Certificate


C.L.A.N.’s bank account is with the AIB Bank in Dublin, Ireland.

The Bank Account is a Euro (€) Account.

Current annual membership Fees for Notariats in Euros are:

Up to 50 members


51-100 members


101-250 members


251 + members


The C.L.A.N. Membership Year and the C.L.A.N. Financial Year both run from 1 April to 31 March.

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