Notary World

Notary World is C.L.A.N.’s flagship publication for members and is chockfull of articles and news designed to continually inform and educate.

Notary World will continue to be published regularly and continuously as an emailed newsletter. Our target publication rota is three editions annually.

All our members are strongly encouraged to submit articles or items of news that are considered worthy of dissemination among the membership generally. Our Editor will reply to all such submissions in a timely way and can provide assistance with any editing work that may be desirable.

Articles and News in our latest edition of Notary World include;

  • Editor’s Note (Ken Lord ) – In times of plague and war the work of notaries continues…
  • And also Ken’s entertaining piece called The Difficult Appearer, in which he identifies situations where Notaries can be under difficult and even belittling situation and offers some great advice on how to handle these…..
  • President’s Statement (Stewart Germann) A focus on the future for C.L.A.N….
  • Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) Council on General Affairs and Policy (CGAP) Report on Conference 28 February – 4 March 2022 (Leo Mangan)……
  • Why are English notaries regulated by the Faculty Office? Part 3 The history continues ( or Carry On Cranmer…… (Nigel Harding)
  • The Notary – The Present and Coming Decades: Irish and European Law Dimensions…….. (Brian D. O’Brien)
  • Report of Apostille Convention Special Commission Meeting October 2021…….. (Professor Peter Zablud)
  • The Mentor and the Newly Appointed Notary…… (Paul J Cariss – Mentor and Carmel Roberts – New Notary)
  • The Oldest, Longest, Firsts, Unusual Rights of the Sovereign, Surprising Royal Appointments and Curious Courts……. (Dr John Kirkhope)
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