Notary World

Notary World is C.L.A.N.’s flagship publication for members and is chockfull of articles and news designed to continually inform and educate.

Notary World will continue to be published regularly and continuously as an emailed newsletter. Our target publication rota is three editions annually.

All our members are strongly encouraged to submit articles or items of news that are considered worthy of dissemination among the membership generally. Our Editor will reply to all such submissions in a timely way and can provide assistance with any editing work that may be desirable.

Articles and News in our latest edition of Notary World include;

  • Editor’s Note (Ken Lord ) – A Notary Seal is usually necessary and personalised for every commonwealth notary. The practice of affixing a Notary Seal as an emblem of notarial authority to documents has a long history, sometimes predating signatures.
  • President’s Statement (Stewart Germann) an update in relation to the recent work of the directors of our Association
  • “A History of British Columbia Notaries (Daniel Boisvert) A profession over 2000 years old and still thriving today.
  • 2022 ANZCN Conference Presentation
  • The Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury (the notarial regulator for England and Wales) has issued a new and substantially revised Guidance
  • Vexatious Documents, when to say “No” and when you shouldn’t (Justin Betar)
  • Peculiar Laws, Ancient Customs & Curious Courts – a further instalment from John Kirkhope
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