Notary World April 2021

President's Statement

My statement in the previous issue of Notary World commented upon COVID-19 and the impact it has had all around the world.  Many countries and in particular the UK and USA have already vaccinated a large proportion of their citizens.  Many others are following suit.  In New Zealand I am awaiting my vaccination along with many other Notaries.  At present the world is focused on India where the impact of COVID-19 is terrible with so many deaths.
All Notaries have to be careful when attending members of the public to provide notarial services.  However, commerce never stops and it seems that the demand for Notaries is on the increase worldwide.
At the last meeting of the Board of C.L.A.N. we discussed many matters including the upgrading of our website, the need to increase our membership worldwide and the HCCH Convention which Leo Mangan of Ireland attended by Zoom.  That convention was impressive as it had 382 delegates from around the world in attendance. Included in this issue of Notary World is information on a forthcoming webinar to be conducted by Dr Christophe Bernasconi and I am very grateful for his willingness to participate in this webinar.
I hope that you enjoy reading the latest issue of Notary World and I wish each of you the very best in relation to your health and providing notarial services.

Stewart Germann
April 2021

Appreciation Dr Eamonn G. Hall of Ireland

By E. Rory O’Connor, Emeritus Dean, The Faculty of Notaries in Ireland
It is with profound sadness that I bring to the notice of his many friends and associates and to readers of the Notary, World, the death in Dublin on 21 November, 2020 of Dr Eamonn G. Hall.

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The Romans - Part I

By Nigel Harding, Notary Public, England and Wales

Why are English Notaries regulated by The Faculty Office?  It all started with a class of professional scribes, known as Tabelliones… read more

Notarial Acts in Authentic Form

By Michael Bula, President, Society of Notaries of Victoria, Australia
 read more

The Hague Convention Meeting
1-5 March 2021

By Leo Mangan, Notary Public, Ireland

On behalf of the Common Law Association of Notaries, I attended Council on General Affairs and Policy (CGAP) Conference 2021 virtually from the comfort of my laptop.    read more


A brief update on the HCCH and presentation of ongoing work on the Apostille Convention

Presented by
Dr Christophe Bernasconi, LLM
Secretary General / Secrétaire Général

Dr Bernasconi’s presentation will be supported by his colleagues, Mr Brody Warren and Ms Nicole Sims.  Together, they will cover the background of the HCCH and introduce some of its Conventions. They will then focus on the Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, including discussing the latest developments under the Convention. This includes the increasing popularity of the electronic Apostille Programme (e‑APP) and the outcomes from the recent Experts’ Group on e‑APP.

For short bios for Dr Bernasconi, Mr Brody Warren and Ms Nicole Sims read more.

12 May 2021 at 1pm (England, Wales and Ireland)
12 May 2021 at 5pm British Columbia
13 May 2021 at 12 noon New Zealand
13 May 2021 at 10 am Australia

Your local notariat will be communicating directly with you soon regarding registration for this event.  Meantime, please SAVE THE DATE.

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