Notary World September 2021

Editor's Note

This issue marks the 6th issue of Notary World, and my first as Editor. I accepted the role with mild timidity due not only to consciousness of my relatively few years as a notary, but also to the large potential audience of commonwealth notaries possessed of experience far greater than mine (there are more than 700 in England alone!). Notary World is, as I see it, an ideal forum within which to share knowledge, history and experience, including contemporary issues facing our profession which will be of value to notaries from beginners to seniors.

In this issue we begin with an opening statement from the President of the Common Law Association of Notaries, Stewart Germann of New Zealand, which addresses current issues and sets out a tribute to the late Ken Sherk of Vancouver. Nigel Harding of England then expounds upon the earliest history of the English Notary, followed by an excellent and germane article by Michael Bula from Australia on Ethics. For some light relief, Dr John Kirkhope’s Compendium, which, with his permission, I intend to release (Dickens style) in instalments, concludes this issue. I would be very grateful to anyone able to forward articles for subsequent issues. Good wishes to you all as the world continues to grapple with this current pandemic.

Ken Lord
New Zealand

President's Statement

In my last statement I made comment on COVID-19 and the impact it is having around the world.  Nothing much has changed except that more people have been vaccinated in various countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, England and Canada where Notary World is widely read.  I have been double-vaccinated with Pfizer but the Delta variant is dangerous and everyone must still be very careful.

A degree of care applies to all Notaries when attending members of the public to provide notarial services.

In early August I was advised that Ken Sherk had died suddenly in Vancouver.  Ken was a Past President of our Association and was an esteemed member of the Board.  A separate tribute to Ken follows.

We are continuing to try to attract various Notariats to join the Association but COVID-19 and various lockdowns have slowed down this process.  ANZCN being the Australia and New Zealand College of Notaries is intending to have its next conference at The Hague in October 2022 so please note your diaries.

A new website for the Association is currently being developed and the current website has been taken down.

It is my pleasure to report that Mr Ken Lord of New Zealand has been appointed as the new Editor of Notary World and I would like to sincerely thank Andrew Johnson, the previous editor, for his hard work and contribution.

Finally, we are always keen for new articles written by Notaries for publication in future issues of Notary World so please send any articles to the Secretary.

Stewart Germann
September 2021

Kenneth R. Sherk, Notary Public 1956-2021

It was with profound sadness the British Columbia Notary Association announced the death of Kenneth R. Sherk, Notary Public.

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Why are English notaries regulated by the Faculty Office?

Part II – A Sussex Archbishop

By Nigel Harding, Notary Public, England and Wales

Part I took us from ancient Rome up to the 13th Century.  Why this particular title for Part II?  read more

Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas for Notaries Conduct of Notarial Practice

by Michael Bula, President Society of Notaries of Victoria

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A Compendium of Legal Nonsense

by Dr John Kirkhope
Notary Public/Notarial Lawyer/Commissioner for Oaths, England and Wales

The 5th edition of a Compendium of Legal Nonsense,  including, amongst other things, or “inter alia” for you Latin Scholars, my usual Pithy Introduction, “They did (do) things differently then (there)”, Weird Cases, Miscellaneous, (things I did not know where else to put them), Surprising Bequests and Last Words.


I would like to dedicate this edition to the late Dr Julian Farrand QC, a lovely man from whose advice I greatly benefitted.

Chapter 1 – The law: an introduction

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