Notary World

Notary World April 2021

President’s Statement My statement in the previous issue of Notary World commented upon COVID-19 and the impact it has had all around the world.  Many countries and in particular the UK and USA have already vaccinated a large proportion of their citizens.  Many others are following suit.  In New Zealand I am awaiting my vaccination …

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Notary World March 2020

President’s Statement It is with great pleasure that I was elected as President of CLAN in March 2020.  Leo Mangan has done a tremendous job as President during the past 2 years and he was fully committed to the role. This is the first issue of Notary World under my watch and we are hoping to publish …

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Notary World October 2019

History of Common Law Association of Notaries (CLAN) Notaries worldwide enjoy a mutual history and the tradition of the common law is distinct and worthy of collaborative representation. A number of concerned members of the profession from both hemispheres of the planet have joined together with a view to upholding standards and improving communication. read more …

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